martedì 10 novembre 2015

Working at my Art ooak dolls....

I am working at my art ooak dolls....this week I am modelling them, next week I will paint their tiny little faces and bodies and then I'll prepare art prints, cards and envelops for the Roma fashion doll convention!!!!!
Convention will take place in Rome, at the Aran Mantegna Hotel, 28/29 November, 2015.
Unsold itemsI will sell online: stay tuned, contact me at or follow me on this blog or on my Facebook page here
This is a shot of my creatures, still to be finished and polished....

mercoledì 4 novembre 2015

Misteltoe and holly for my harp embellishment... celtic patterns and knots

Just sketching a celtic embellishment I am going to paint on my new harp... I was wondering if starting a new jewellery collection using these designs...

Custom designs available, I am open for commissions!
Contact me at

lunedì 2 novembre 2015

My Art dolls in Rome - I am taking part to Roma Fashion Doll convention

Guess what I amk working at these days?
You'll never get It!!! Emoticon smile
I am going to take part to Roma fashion doll convention on November 28/29, and I am creating a custom series of 3d dolls for this show!!!
Yes, I also create art dolls... it's been a long time since I did my latest and this convention gave me the opportunity to create something new and inspiring....
You can see here a shot of my working desk: at this stage I did body, arms, 2 different heads, and modelled a custom mold from them...
A pair of my paintings will also be on display, and I will bring prints for those longing to purchase one but preferring not to reserve an original painting....
I will post work in progress photos and I will later reveal wich paintings and prints I am going to bring... stay tuned! I am plenty of isdeas and there will be many surprises!
And, last but not least, entrance is free!