giovedì 30 aprile 2015

Cats on the scene…. Little ones series #1 – Work in progress

This is the first sculpture of my new series… a little cat….. it is still blank…. I am soon going to paint it….
I guess I’ll make a little video showing the painting steps :-)

mercoledì 29 aprile 2015

A novel about love and transcendence... and a new cover!

This is a cover I created for a novel soon on sale on main books websites: I also designed the cover layout and background, parisian bridge included.
Click on the image and the Amazon's book page will open

 disciple of beauty

martedì 28 aprile 2015

Tattoos this time!

I create tattoos, stencil included.
Here you can see a pair of my creations.
Contact me at for custom tattoos designs and price quotes.
I also publish my tattoos at createmytattoos and on shutterstock

mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

Custom Easter greeting card Offer: order your bunny!!!

Have your personal, custom Easter bunny Card in hours!
Easter is near: will you wish a happy Easter to your beloved ones?
Choose this offer and I'll design a ready to print Easter card for you, depicting easter bunnies, eggs, tiny chicks in funny baskets... everything you like!
And if you do not have an idea I'll create it for you and deliver in just 24 hours!
Hurry up, Easter is coming!!!!!