lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

Instantly Downloadable Fantasy Fairies ready for printing and coloring - A nice Halloween present for girls (see pumpkin Fairy!)

I recently finished my Butterfly Fairies Series, made of five sweet, funny wood fairies adorned with butterfly and dragonfly wings :

The fairies are on sale on my Etsy Shop, where you can instantly buy and download them: there you can find five files, jpeg, 300 dpi, ready for printing and coloring.

You can buy one fairy only, or two, three... as you like it!
Each purchase includes a black and white file ready for printing and coloring AND a partially colored version to offer coloring suggestions.

They cost € 2,50 each... here their names and links:

Sadie, the strawberry fairy

Rose, the butterfly fairy

Freckle, the pumpkin Fairy

Elwenn, the elf fairy

Daisy, the flower fairy

This image is a composit of the entire series:

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

An hippie marriage

This is the illustration I drew for an article about an “hippie” or “roaring twenties” inspired  marriage: it has been published on the Villa Valente website, a location based near Rome for events, parties and marriages…
My next illustration is ready, but I can’t publish it before it is published by Villa Valente… stay tuned, you’ll see it in a few days! And it will have a sexy feeling…

giovedì 2 ottobre 2014

Sharing my art on the web: Wordpress or Blogspot?

As I wrote in the past, about one year ago I decided to open a new blog on wordpress. After one year, I can now say Wordpress is one of the best platforms out there, but Blogspot is still better.

On Wordpress only a few readers stop on by, even if I often post updates and news about my art: here on blogspot I continue to have visit each single day, even if I don't post here anymore.

One of the things I love about posting my art is getting in touch with people who appreciate it, that's why I have decided I will begin again posting regularly here, on Blogspot!!!

Stay tuned then: this is my last work, an Aquarius I did for a contest: