giovedì 16 luglio 2015

My paintings on display in an Art Collective!!!!!!

My latest paintings will be on display at Flyer Art Gallery, via Palermo 77, in Rome (city centre), by the end of July…. if you are near just come and get a look!
Feel free to contact me for any information.

lunedì 13 luglio 2015

Daily sketch #4

My Daily art sketch on Patreon.... visit my patreon page on choose the one to become a painting!


giovedì 9 luglio 2015

Daily art sketch #2 on Patreon

My daily art sketch on Patreon at
Click on the image, become my patron and choose wich sketch will become an art painting!

mercoledì 8 luglio 2015

martedì 7 luglio 2015

My Patreon's daily free art sketches

AS I wrote in a previous post,  I opened my Patreon's page here.....

 Today, I am starting a new project: Each day I will write a post on my Patreon page, uploading a new hand designed sketch.... and each week I will choose one of the sketches done in the previous week to be designed as an artcard....

 Become my patron (see instructions here) and help me choose the sketch you love the most! 

Just become my Patron and send me a message with the sketch number you want to be designed as an art card: you will be able to access to a post showing the final artcard when it's done!

 Access to daily sketches is free for anyone to see, even if you are (still) not a patron! 
Click here  patreon_navigation_logo_mini_orange , visit my patreon's posts page and you will find extra details and a photo of me!!!!!!!!! 

venerdì 3 luglio 2015

My cover for Heart of a dog (M. Bulgakov)

This is the cover I designed for Heart of a Dog, a novel by M. Bulgakov.
For custom book covers and illustrations contact me at

mercoledì 1 luglio 2015

I found a nice website for pocket mirrors!!!!

I found this beautiful shopping website, and I thought to open a shop there: I never found before such a nice shopping platform selling pocket mirrors, stickers, pins, and everything small and cute! You may find my shop here: