martedì 29 settembre 2015

My review about

 Fabiola's Art Prints and Originals

A few days ago I opened a new online shop on Ezebee: it is probably still soon to make a review, nevertheless I can spend a few words about it....

Since the beginning Ezebee gave me a good feeling: community seems to be alive and interactive, and customer service is quick and responsive, which is an important thing for future earnings (which I hope will be huge!)

I also published an event in the shop spot reserved for such things, and after only a few minutes 2 people already granted their presence.... and we all know it's a very hard thing to get on the internet!
So I hope it will go on like this, and to be soon able to publish news about my first sales there!
This is the shop link:

giovedì 24 settembre 2015

Fantasy Fine Art Print from my latest celtic artwork: Brigit the celtic goddess!

Finished at last!
I enjoyed so much designing her...
Art prints (without pencils on the top, of course!) are on sale on My Ezebee Shop here:…/fantasy-art-print-brigit-celtic-go…
She is Brigit, a celtic goddess patroness of poetry and bardic lore, and of bards, who were the oral transmitters of the Celtic culture. This includes storytellers, folklorists, mythologists, balladeers, singers, composers, poets, musicians, particularly harpers, historians and clan genealogists.
She provided the ‘fire in the head’ of poetic inspiration.
A very complex figure, Brigit is a solar deity and triskell is one of her symbols.
In celtic mythology she is the daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
Original artwork is about 34.4 x 25.5 cm.

martedì 22 settembre 2015

Finding the way to my style... wip of my latest fantasy portrait

Hair finished at last! I am going to finish plants on the background now... it's the first time I post so many updates about one single project, but this time it's different.... I feel I am narrowing the search to my personal style (and it's not a matter of media....)
Prints will soon follow, but I have to finish first!

domenica 20 settembre 2015

giovedì 17 settembre 2015

Updating my latest fantasy portrait...

Today I have added her hand and I have begun coloring her hair…
For those interested, I also have a Facebook page where I publish my updates….
Today I just have found a fine art printing shop and ordered my first sample case…. I think I may start selling prints after finishing this piece, and not only licensing my work through my zazzle, fineartamerica shop and cafepress shops… I’ll think about it….

giovedì 10 settembre 2015

A new illustration is on the way....

She is a long haired girl, and belongs to the celtic pantheon... but this one won't be a painting, just an illustration.... I will decide later if I will paint a watercolor or an acrylic version of this subject....

martedì 8 settembre 2015

Magic Creatures original watercolor finished!

Here it is, my latest watercolor painting.... I sketched the subject almost three or four years ago, then it remained in my shelf , forgotten.... I found it again before last Summer and I decided to paint it and add some Magic Creatures....

Art prints are on sale on Fineartamerica, just click  here