lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

My new shop on etsy opening for Christmas

I’m just opening my new shop on Etsy: its name, Fantasy Art Online, is temporary, and it will take time to set up as I want it to be, but I already added a few items: in particular, I added a downloadable drawing, a Christams fairy, both in coloured and black and white version, ready tobe coloured. I hope it brings me luck!!!
In the meanwhile, merry Christmas to you all!

martedì 26 novembre 2013

Fantasy calendar on sale

cover calendario

I just published my first monthly fantasy calendar: it is on sale on, and it depicts my fairy fantasy works!

My Watercolors and digital paintings are included in the calendar, which shows one painting per month, according to the month's feeling: I choose each painting thinking to the emotion you feel during each season... spring, summer, winter....

I developed the graphic of the paintings as well, in order to let them shine in a printed work such as a monthly calendar.

For the first 10 buyers, just contact me after purchasing and you will receive, free, the file version of the calendar!

Printed version:

The calendar is on sale here, just click on the button and see its large interior preview:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

If you prefere the italian version, you will find it here:

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

Digital version (pdf format) on sale for only 4 Euros! 

 Just select the desidered version (english or italian) and click the paypal button: you will receive the calendar file digitally signed by the artist:

language version

venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

A new book I illustrated about bioenergetic healing therapy

A few days ago a new book I illustrated has been published: it is the first book I worked on to be available in a traditional format, not an ebook.
For the first time it is not a children's book: it has been written by a bioenergetic therapist, and it is about self - development.
Illustrating such kind of book has been a challenging experience: I drew the illustrations following the author's suggestions, and had a good time! It was an interesting topic to illustrate because it gave me the possibility to express contents through colours... it was a bioenergetic experience itself....

giovedì 26 settembre 2013

Logo news!!!

I lately added a new skill to my expertise and I begun designing logos: here it is a short video showing the making of my own personal logo, the first I designed:

For those of you interested in this topic, I found a good website (or, by now, it appears to be so) of freelancers offering different kinds of services, and I put myself among them!
This is my page on freelancer (yes, this is the website):
If you need a personal, unique and artistic logo contact me or visit the logo page: I’ll be glad to create it for you!
You can also have a short video showing the making of a logo or, if you wish, a video promoting your logo and enterprise!!! See this page for purchasing options!
This is one of the logos I dwesigned by now:

venerdì 30 agosto 2013

I'm coming back home

I'm coming back where I started from: about one year ago I decided to move to Wordpress, because I read it offered better services than Blogspot...

But I must disagree: it's true, wordpress helps you to connect with new people, but, I must say, Blogspot allows you to customize your blog or website in a better way, at least for what I need!

Being that, I decided to keep wordpress but to update this blog again with every post I add on wordpress itself...

The new thing is that, both on this blog and on my wordpress website, you will find my cute "Artsy Stuff", but, here on blogspot, you will be able to purchase it directly using your paypal account, by clicking on the button you can see on the related page !!!

The first Artsy Stuff I am adding is "I'll paint your portrait as a Fairy"... have your digital portrait in just one week! Visit the page here

I think this will be a good improvement and make more simple for my customers to purchase their customized, personal art services....

So renew your bookmarks adding this blog again, and visit it often to discover new Artsy stuff  !!!

New Artsy Stuff to come:
- I will paint your portrait as a medieval character
- I will create an illustration for your book, fantasy or realistic subject
and  others yet to come... stay tuned!