venerdì 19 dicembre 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone who loves Art!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a free gift: a Christmas illustration!

 I want to thank all of you, kind readers .... each of you for sharing, liking and appreciating my art and, more in general, all of fantasy art and Art lovers.....
This is a gift for you, a special Christmas tree collecting a few of my past works, both digital and traditional.
I really wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

martedì 16 dicembre 2014

45 illustrations before Christmas......

Where have I gone? Some of you may ask such a question.... after many weeks of constant posting, I almost disappeared... and I am not so happy with it... but the cause wich made me "disappear" is a good one... in the last month I worked at 45 drawings....
Yes, 45!!!!!!!
It seems as if everyone needing an illustration decided to have it before Christmas.... wich is a good thing for me, but didn't leave me any time to  work at my paintings, doing my painting exercises, creating new fairies and so on....
Anyway, this is the last cover I delivered.... phew!!!!!

mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

The Prince and Princess of Christmas - my last book illustrations

This is the cover of the last book I illustrated: click on the image and you'll be able to visit the Amazon book page: the original illustration I drew is a brightly full colored one, but the author prefererred a sepia version...

 The prince and princess of Christmas

venerdì 28 novembre 2014

An Orphan Drawing

An “orphan” drawing

I used to draw illustrations for a wedding organizing website, providing them to its webmaster: unfortunately the collaboration between the webmaster and that website stopped, but someone forgot to tell me about that, so I continued to illustrate the piece they previously told me to work at.
The illustration I drew  I like very much, I must say it probably is the most original I drew for them, but it is not intended to be part of that website anymore.
Nevertheless, I want it to be displayed, so I post it here: it is all gold and silver!!!

martedì 25 novembre 2014

Christmas is coming.... do you want a custom illustrated book?

I think I can definitely say Christmas time is the most busy time of the year for an illustrator.... lots of people want to have their books and fables illustrated for their sons, daughters, niece..... I wish each month was so full with commissions!!!!!
But I am also neglecting my watercolors, wich makes me a bit sad....
Brushes, wait for me, I'll soon be back!!!!!!!
This is an illustration I drew for a client....  a fairy, of course :-)

venerdì 7 novembre 2014

lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

Instantly Downloadable Fantasy Fairies ready for printing and coloring - A nice Halloween present for girls (see pumpkin Fairy!)

I recently finished my Butterfly Fairies Series, made of five sweet, funny wood fairies adorned with butterfly and dragonfly wings :

The fairies are on sale on my Etsy Shop, where you can instantly buy and download them: there you can find five files, jpeg, 300 dpi, ready for printing and coloring.

You can buy one fairy only, or two, three... as you like it!
Each purchase includes a black and white file ready for printing and coloring AND a partially colored version to offer coloring suggestions.

They cost € 2,50 each... here their names and links:

Sadie, the strawberry fairy

Rose, the butterfly fairy

Freckle, the pumpkin Fairy

Elwenn, the elf fairy

Daisy, the flower fairy

This image is a composit of the entire series:

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

An hippie marriage

This is the illustration I drew for an article about an “hippie” or “roaring twenties” inspired  marriage: it has been published on the Villa Valente website, a location based near Rome for events, parties and marriages…
My next illustration is ready, but I can’t publish it before it is published by Villa Valente… stay tuned, you’ll see it in a few days! And it will have a sexy feeling…

giovedì 2 ottobre 2014

Sharing my art on the web: Wordpress or Blogspot?

As I wrote in the past, about one year ago I decided to open a new blog on wordpress. After one year, I can now say Wordpress is one of the best platforms out there, but Blogspot is still better.

On Wordpress only a few readers stop on by, even if I often post updates and news about my art: here on blogspot I continue to have visit each single day, even if I don't post here anymore.

One of the things I love about posting my art is getting in touch with people who appreciate it, that's why I have decided I will begin again posting regularly here, on Blogspot!!!

Stay tuned then: this is my last work, an Aquarius I did for a contest: