lunedì 28 dicembre 2009

Elenoire's there! On E Bay at last! On line Auction

At last, after many posts all saying "she's almost finished" and "I will post the photo in a short time", I can show you Elenoire, a Leanann Sidhe (the irish poets' muse):  I sell it on EBay here

I report the description I wrote for the Ebay auction:

Elenoire is a Leanan sidhe, the poets' muse; in celt mythology she is a fairy loving a human... men who fall in love with her, according to tradition, have short and intense lives: if she loves not being loved back, she becomes the slave of her lover; if she doesn't love her human companion, he becomes hers forever...
She is approximately 42 cm high, made in air dry clay, with no muolds.
Her dress is completely removable and hand-sewed (there are three pieces: corset, skirt and underskirt): her hair are made with mohair wool, and covered with glitters.
The tree beside her has been made with the same material (air dry clay) hand painted and covered with small mirrors and golden glitters.

Post Scriptum:
The photo with orange background I didn't show on EBay: you can see them only here.
I would appreciate very much comments on my work.

Thank you

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